Conquering Your Fear of Shooting in the Streets

Eric Kim

Confident Beginner

Thu, Mar 13, 2014      12:30-20:30
Fri, Mar 14, 2014      09:30-18:00

Class Size
This workshop is limited to 12 students only

The workshop is geared towards passionate individuals who want to take their street photography to new heights. The workshop will be an intimate experience in which you will learn solid fundamentals, get honest and constructive criticism on how to improve your photos, and meet other enthusiastic street photographers.

During the workshop you will be able to showcase your street photography, and get helpful comments and critiques from fellow street photographers. If you have ever uploaded a photo to Facebook or Flickr and have been frustrated by comments like “nice shot” or “what camera did you use?” you will find the feedback in this workshop incredible. You will leave with the confidence to photograph strangers as well as visual literacy, essential during the editing process.

The workshop will partly consist of presentations with insightful tips and techniques to help you better learn how to shoot captivating street photographs. To help you gain hands-on experience, the workshop is less lecture-based and more focused on you shooting on the streets, discussing with Eric and others, and learning what makes a memorable street photograph.  

Who should attend
You are familiar with aperture, shutter, ISO and understand how these work together to create a correct exposure.

You shoot in Aperture or Shutter Priority modes and can use the basic features on your digital camera confidently

You would like more opportunities to practise and consolidate what you already know and also to stretch yourself a little further both creatively and technically.

Two-day workshop 

What you should bring
Digital camera with wide angle lens 50mm or wider
Day 2: Your laptop and a card reader. Adobe Photoshop or a trial version of it (Please click here for a link to the trial but make sure you don't download it too early as it only lasts for 30 days).

To take part in this workshop you need to have taken GPP's Introduction to Adobe Photoshop or equivalent knowledge. Please note that the instructor will not be able to give you personal attention, if you are not at the right level for this class. 
If you are not sure this workshop is for you, please do contact us on and we will be happy to advise you. 
A 10% discount on Introduction to Adobe Photoshop  is available for those who book this workshop - please contact us for more info.