Conquering Mid-Day Light

Lindsay Adler

Photography - Advanced

Fri, Mar 14, 2014      08:00-16:00

Class Size
This workshop is limited to 16 students only

Shooting at high noon can be extremely challenging. These harsh lighting conditions can be harnessed for beautiful results! This 1 day hands-on workshop will discuss the tools you have available to you to tame and conquer mid-day lighting conditions. We will cover natural reflectors, scrim and diffusers, reflectors, off-camera flash, and strobes on location.

Who Should Attend
You are a very confident user of priority shooting and full manual modes for exposure control

You have no previous experience with lighting equipment. You would like to be introduced the basic lighting terms, concepts and equipment.

You would like more opportunities to practise and consolidate what you already know and also to stretch yourself a little further both creatively and technically.

One-day workshop

What you should bring
-  Digital camera
-  Lenses
-  Laptop to review your images (optional)
-  TTL Flash with high speed sync capability (if you  have one)