Rose Breast Cockatoo, No. 7461, 2012

By Claire Rosen

AED 515.00


This photograph is part of an ongoing series “Birds of a Feather” by an American photographer Claire Rosen.

It represents a fascination with the natural world and far-off, “exotic” places that came into vogue in Europe during the 19th century. This fascination however was not unique to recent centuries. In Ancient Rome the walls of imperial villas were adorned with frescos detailing rich flora and fauna. During the Renaissance, Rafael reinvented this ancient style through his grotesques, which depicted birds, fruits, and plant life. Carefully crafted representations of the natural world were re-imagined yet again in 19th century Britain when William Morris began producing richly ornamented wallpaper featuring wild birds and vegetation.

Claire Rosen breathes new life into this tradition, ushering it into the 21st century through her portraits of live birds photographed against complementary vintage and historical reproduction wallpaper. Her unique subjects – from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw – mirror the self-conscious poses of humans in comical and unexpected ways while creating striking optical illusions and visual blending.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. It is a limited edition archival print on Hahnemuelhe fine art paper.

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All limited editions print purchased will be accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the photographer verifying the edition number and authenticity of the print. This fine art photographic print was made using the best quality materials available to insure long-lasting permanence of inks. The print has an estimated life-span of greater than 100 years (for further info see

The photograph was printed on EPSON Hot Press Bright, Acid-Free, 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper using pigment-based chromium inks. The print surface should not be touched. Professional mounting and framing will help to maximize the longevity of this print. It should be framed using acid-free materials and placed behind glass using a window-mount that prevents the glass from directly touching the print's surface. To further ensure maximum longevity avoid placing the print in bright, sunny rooms where there are high levels of UV radiation, or in humid environment which will also contribute to its deterioration. Ideally, artificial lighting in a dry environment is the preferred option. With proper care and handling, this fine art photographic print will provide pleasure for generations to come.