Web Documentary Video Series with Hassan Kiyany

We're very pleased to launch in conjunction with Hassan Kiyany, a UAE based filmmaker, a video series showcasing photography projects by UAE based photographers. The first installment features an insight into two original and excellent series by Emirati documentary photographer Ammar Al Attar, and Katarina Premfors.

Hassan Kiyany is the brains behind hkiyany:  an award-winning production and interactive media house whose work is featured on many International and local platforms. Their aim is to produce purpose driven stories and inspire audiences to take action on issues that matter. They produce visually narrated stories in short form, long form and interactive mediums as well as offer multi-platform digital publishing for broadcast, web and mobile mediums. Visit www.hkiyany.com for more information.

These videos have been produced in association with FujiFilm Middle East and the support of Gulf Photo Plus.

Katarina Premfors | Pappa

Earlier in 2014 GPP hosted a solo exhibition by Dubai based photographer Katarina Premfors called Pappa, which documented the final seventeen months of her father's life as he struggled with a stroke followed by cancer. 

Pappa is a delicate and emotionally charged series depicting touching moments with Kenth (her father) and his infant granddaughter, his wife and children,  all portrayed alongside the daily challenges faced in the wake of a stroke and later following cancer treatments.  Tackling a subject seldom approached in conversation, Pappa visually explores the undeniable truths tied to our own mortality. Katarina celebrates each moment, valuing both the struggles and victories that occur within each day.

Katarina is a UAE based photographer where she has lived and worked for the last 22 years.  Working with various NGO’s including UNICEF and Photographers for Hope, Katarina has put forth a variety of photographic essays focused on humanitarian initiatives, depicting sensitive issues that include HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and disabilities throughout the MENA region.

Katarina Premfors's PAPPA from hkiyany® on Vimeo.

Ammar Al Attar | Sibeel Water

If you are serious about photography, you'll have heard of the work of Ammar Al Attar - an Emirati documentary photographer who has been producing original, relevant photo series that delve into local phenomenon that have universal appeal.

In his recent project,  Sibeel Water, Ammar captures the spirit of giving water around the country which has deep roots in the culture and tradition of the Gulf people.

Sibeel Water by Ammar Al Attar from hkiyany® on Vimeo.