Call for Submissions | Day & Night Community Exhibition

It's your time to shine!  We want you to show us your best shot for a chance to be part of GPP's next exhibition.  It's a great opportunity to share your work with the community, and a chance for us to spotlight the talented individuals that connect with GPP everyday. 

Open for submissions from May 1 to May 28, 2014 GPP welcomes photographers from all levels and nationalities to submit for their opportunity to participate in the community exhibition Day & Night.  

What's the big idea?

GPP is at the heart of the photography community in the Middle East region, and the Day & Night community exhibition aims to spotlight the talented individuals that connect with GPP throughout the year.  A final selection of images from the submissions will be exhibited in the GPP Gallery space in Alserkal Avenue opening June 11th.

What is the theme?
This year we have chosen "Day & Night" as our theme for the community exhibition.  We know as photographers your inspiration ticks around the clock, and that you don't stop when the sun goes down!  This theme gives participants an opportunity to submit up to two images, one for the "Day" category and one for the "Night" category.  Submissions are not limited to landscapes, participants can submit portraits, abstract and/or fine art images as well.  The theme is meant to allow a wide range of submissions, so let your imagination take flight!

Who Can Submit?
ALL GPP members - you will need to be registered on the Gulf Photo Plus website, near or far. Register here - its free and takes a minute (and we don't share your details with anyone. Never.)

What are the image requirements? 
Files must be submitted through the GPP website in full printing resolution, but must be no larger than 10mb. The file name must contain the name of the applicant. 

When is the deadline for submissions?

GPP is welcoming submissions until midnight, May 28th, 2014.  All selected finalists will be notified by June 4th.

Where do I submit?

Please click HERE to submit your image.

Submission Guidelines

Image size/dimensions

We won't know until all the submissions are in on how large we will be printing the images, the sizes will vary. So, we are asking that you upload a hi-res image that does not exceed 10mb. Image sizes depend on many variables but they should ideal be at least larger than 3500-4000 pixels at the widest length at a dpi of 240 or higher. They should be jpg images.

We have no issues with you using Photoshop so go crazy. We will be judging images based on merit.

Image Ownership/Usage/Copyrights

You will maintain 100% copyrights to your image(s) - we are merely displaying it at the exhibition. We will use selected images for press and promotional usage to promote the event.  

Also, by submitting your image(s), you are confirming that you are the owner of the image. GPP will not undertake any liabilities arising from display of the image.

The images will not be offered for sale to the public. However, GPP will be selecting a handful of images to be considered for inclusion in the popular GPP Limited program.


Printing of Image 

The images will all be printed at the GPP printing store - we have experience and expertise in getting the best print out of a digital file. We will be happy to provide the print as-is at the end of the exhibition to the artists. Artists will have to collect the images themselves within couple of weeks of the end of the exhibitions and we will not ship or deliver the prints either locally or internationally. 

Good Luck!