Best of 2010 Roundup

Updated on Monday, December 20 2010

With the year coming to a close, we have compiled several 'best of 2010' photography collections to inspire and motivate you as we look forward to another year of making pictures.

Let's start with The Big Picture who never disappoint with their excellent three part series of the year 2010 in pictures which is a great visual recap of the year that is about to go by.

The Big Picture: 2010 in Photos - Part 1/3
The Big Picture: 2010 in Photos - Part 2/3
The Big Picture: 2010 in Photos - Part 3/3


Next up is TIME Magazine's Best Portraits of the Year 2010 which features the best portraits (according to them) that have featured in TIME in 2010. One of our favorite portraits of this year at GPP is the one of Jeff Bridges by Marco Grob. Be sure to check out more of Marco's work on his website.

TIME Magazine Best's Portraits of the Year 2010


If you're into concert and music photography, then check out Pitchfork's Best Concert Photography of 2010. 

Pitchfork's Best Concert Photography of 2010


The Guardian's photography editor has selected a list of his Best Photography Books of the Year which is worth a browse as well. 

The Guardian's Best Photography Book of the Year 2010


And finally, we liked American Photo Magazine's Best Photos of 2010 compilation as well since it covers a wide range of photography genres from architecture to conceptual to portrait photography and each photo has some background information on the artist and the subject. Well worth a visit.

American Photo - 2010 Images of the Year