The Secret Sauce and the Magic of Professional Landscape Photography

Beno Saradzic with Canon Academy

We've all, at some point, admired a terrific looking landscape photograph, featured on the glossy cover of a magazine and within the pages of a fancy coffee table book. We’ve visited the dimly lit art galleries and were mesmerized at the sight of the beautifully photographed snowy mountains, green valleys and sandy beaches. We were lost within the dunes of the vast deserts and in the shadows of the mysterious forests. We would feel the rush and roar of the epic wild rivers, the mist from waterfalls and the peace beside the lake on a quiet morning. And every time, we pondered why our own photos of those same places and subjects didn't look nearly as good as the works of the photography masters. We wondered if it was the camera or the lenses they used. Perhaps it was their skill or the talent that made their photos look so good. Maybe it was something else...

You are all invited to join Beno Saradzic, an Emmy nominated and multi award-winning photographer on a 60-minute presentation in which he reveals some, if not many of the techniques, tools and secrets used regularly by the greatest landscape photographers in the business today. This is a one-off event, so don't miss it!


Saturday, February 10, 2018

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Concrete, Alserkal Avenue

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