Seeing Beyond the Grey

Hussain AlMoosawi, Abbi Kemp

It takes approximately two minutes to drive through the heart of Al Quoz - two minutes in which the whole of the visually rich, chai-laden neighborhood can pass by in a grey blur. During this photo walk, learn to see beyond the grey and discover a vibrant industrial zone filled with beautiful, easily overlooked tableaus - from humorous signs to fading warehouses and stubbornly defiant trees. Our walk will focus on color and branding with a peek into the many elements of design, industry and nature that make Al Quoz the visual wonderland it is.



A fully charged smartphone or camera, comfy walking shoes, a passion for photography, and an interest in design.

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Date Thursday | February 9 | 2017

Time 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Venue Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 83

Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 83

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