Dramatic Lighting For Advertising & Editorial (THURS & FRI)

Martin Prihoda | Processing - Confident Beginner

A creative and well thought out application of advanced lighting techniques is one of the most effective ways of taking your photography from advanced amateur to professional quality.  This 2-day Big Lights Far Away workshop is designed to do just that for a variety of subjects: a music band, a CEO and a fashion model.
In an intimate and intensive work session we will answer the questions:
1. Why use big lights?
2. Why put them far away?
The physical properties of light are predictable and once you master them, you will be able to apply them powerfully and practically to your photography.
Practical knowledge and experience in using multi light setups is key to making your photos pop. Join Martin as he dissects his photos and discusses his commercial shoots from the ground up.

Day 1:

We will start the workshop with a 3 hour class session for viewing and discussing Martin's work. We will then begin discussing lighting theory and why light acts on a subject the way it does.  This session will include using/placing light modifiers, balancing ambient and strobe light in an outdoor setting and working with your subject.
After an hour lunch break, we will then go on location with our models to shoot our first assignment: photographing a music band/musicians for the cover of a contemporary Rock magazine. In this module, students will be expected to create edgy, haunting, exciting and visually stimulating images for the cover of a popular rock magazine. Martin will act as Photo editor and Art director, over seeing the shoot in a realistic client setting.

Day 2:

We will be shooting two further assignments on this day.

Assignment 2: photographing a CEO for an Annual Report. In this module, student will use advanced lighting techniques to photograph a CEO for the cover of an Annual report. Final images will be expected to look professional, creative and well lit.

Assignment 3: outdoor fashion shoot for leading Women’s Magazine (Vogue, Elle). In this module students will be expected to do a cover shoot for a leading women’s magazine as well as 2 or 3 inside fashion story type shots.
Students will work with a professional model to create imagery that is highly stylized.
Then we finally return to class for a review session of images and of the experience on location before we wrap up and call it a day.


Two-day workshop

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What you should bring

* Your DSLR
* Lenses that cover the range of 14-200.

About the Instructor
Martin Prihoda

Martin Prihoda is an editorial, advertising and portraiture photographer currently based out of Mumbai, India. His work, both personal and professional, is defined by a dramatic sense of lighting resulting in strong and often conceptually stylistic portraiture.

While his regular work with international fashion publications and advertising agencies is mostly celebrity and model focussed, his personal "India Light" series features portraits both haunting and surreal, capturing the mysticism and magic of India's most enigmatic characters.

Martin successfully balances his professional shooting career with photographic contributions to various NGO's and charities, most notably with Childreach International missions in Indian, Nepal and Tanzania.

Limited Spaces

Thursday, February, 11 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Friday, February, 12 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Booking Closed
Who Should Attend

You are currently at least at the level of shooting in Aperture or Shutter priority modes and can use the basic features on your camera confidently to create a correct exposure.

You have a basic understanding of the entry-level image adjustment features of this software and can apply simple enhancements to your work.

You are looking to consolidate your understanding, increase your repertoire of tools and learn some more creative techniques.

This session is limited to 12 students only

If you are not familiar with using flash, please make sure you book yourself into GPP’s regular Small Flash 101Studio Lighting 101, or equivalent before you take this workshop since the instructor will not be able to cover the basics for you.

A 10% discount on these workshops is available for those who book this class - please contact us to avail of this offer once you’ve made your booking into this workshop.

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