The 10 Minute Portrait

Andrew Hetherington | Confident Beginner

More often than not, time is not on the photographers side. In the fast paced pressure filled world of editorial photography, it is not unusual to have 10 minutes or less to make an original, compelling portrait and get options for your client while you are at it.

Whether it be a world leader, a celebrity, or a ‘real person’ this workshop will help you conquer any fears you may have and build confidence in your technique, vision and communication skills.

Andrew Hetherington works regularly under such challenging conditions for magazines such as GQ, Esquire, Details and has shot covers for The Hollywood Reporter, Newsweek, Outside, Billboard, ESPN the Magazine and Bloomberg Business Week. He will lead you through a typical portrait session and will focus on helping you develop a signature approach and style.

Andrew will not only share his technical skills but also how he prepares and conceptualizes concepts for his subjects. He will also offer advice, share experiences from real life and discuss the emotional and political delicacies often required to execute such assignments.

You will spend the first half of the day in the classroom before heading out to execute your own real world 10 minute portrait assignment.


1day workshop

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What you should bring

* Your DSLR,
* Lens that hits any focal length in the range of 20-105mm
* Memory Cards
* Your laptop and a card reader.

About the Instructor
Andrew Hetherington

Andrew Hetherington is a New York City based commercial and editorial photographer. His work appears regularly in GQ, Esquire, Wired, Travel+Leisure to name a few magazines. He has photographed everyone from Daniel Craig, to Tilda Swinton, to Jerry Seinfeld, to President Clinton. His photographs have won awards from Communication Arts, American Photography and Photo District News. A Photo District News 30 emerging photographer to watch back in 2003, he is featured on the cover of the February 2016 issue and his celebrity portrait work is featured inside.

Saturday, February, 6 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Who Should Attend

You are familiar with aperture, shutter, ISO and understand how these work together to create a correct exposure.

You shoot in Aperture or Shutter Priority modes and can use the basic features on your digital camera confidently

You would like more opportunities to practise and consolidate what you already know and also to stretch yourself a little further both creatively and technically.

This session is limited to 12 students only

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