Illuminating the Face (FRI)

Peter Hurley | Processing - Confident Beginner

 With the success of his Fstoppers-produced tutorial called “Illuminating the Face,” Headshot guru, Peter Hurley, has created a one day workshop that brings these concepts into a live classroom setting. 
For Peter, the key to creating a beautiful portrait always begins with facial lighting. He believes that there couldn’t be anything more crucial to your success as a portrait photographer as your ability to shape and control light. In this workshop you’ll develop a new awareness towards light, allowing you to process your use of light differently whenever a person enters your viewfinder. The emphasis and structure of the course is based on techniques that Peter has implemented over the course of his career including:
•Owning Your Light 
•Natural Light Rules 
•Dissecting Facial Quadrants
•Nook & Cranny Lighting
•Finding Your Gopher Light 
•The Continuous Burn
•Gettin Your Strobe On
•Kickin It Up A Notch
•Your Buddy Phil
•Flyin With A Feather
•Bing, Bang, Bounce
You’ll spend the day with Peter breaking down all elements of  the way light hits the face and building up an arsenal of ideas for your next shoot.  


1 day workshop

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What you should bring

* Your DSLR with fully charged batteries
* Lens that hits any focal length in the range of 70-105mm 
* SD/CF card with 8GB or larger recommended
* Note book & pen  


About the Instructor
Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley is a bit of a rare breed. His haphazard way of moving through life has had him riding the waves around the world on a sailboat, plastered his mug in magazines modeling for the likes of Polo and Abercrombie & Fitch and put over 10,000 faces three feet in front of his lens. His prowess behind the camera fueled his desire to educate and he has spoken at Google, Apple, Microsoft and TEDx. His coaching/referral platform for photographers called Headshot Crew comprises the largest group of headshot specialists in the world. Kicking his entrepreneurial side into high gear he founded a photography gear company called HURLEYPRO and co-founded a new discipline called PsyPhotology, a unique concept of intertwining psychology with photography. He is proud to add author to his list of accolades as he releases his highly anticipated book, “ The Headshot.” He calls New York City his home where he lives with his beautiful wife and precious twin daughters. 

Limited Spaces

Friday, February, 12 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Booking Closed
Who Should Attend

You are currently at least at the level of shooting in Aperture or Shutter priority modes and can use the basic features on your camera confidently to create a correct exposure.

You have a basic understanding of the entry-level image adjustment features of this software and can apply simple enhancements to your work.

You are looking to consolidate your understanding, increase your repertoire of tools and learn some more creative techniques.

This session is limited to 12 students only


If you are not familiar with using flash, please make sure you book yourself into GPP’s regular Small Flash 101Studio Lighting 101, or equivalent before you take this workshop since the instructor will not be able to cover the basics for you.
A 10% discount on these workshops is available for those who book this class - please contact us to avail of this offer once you’ve made your booking into this workshop.

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