The Passionate Photographer : Becoming The Photographer You Want To Be

Steve Simon | Beginner

In his best selling and critically-acclaimed book, "The Passionate Photographer: 10 Steps Toward Becoming Great", Steve Simon tells us that finding a photo story or theme you feel passionate about will help take you to the next level in your photography. 
Through this innovative and newly updated seminar class, Steve will inspire you to transform your passions into a unique personal vision, taking you out of your comfort zone and push photographic boundaries to new and exciting work you know you can make. 
He provides an overview of his working philosophy and deconstructs the elements that makes good photographers great. From mastering the technical to finding inspiration and transforming your passion into a unique personal vision— regardless of your specialization in photography--you will learn to trust your intuition and rid yourself of preconceptions that hold you back. 
Some of the topics covered include: finding direction and meaning in your work; the importance of persistence and practice and the 10,000 hours theory; visual warm-up techniques and how to photograph people by establishing trust to gain access. We will look at ethics and overcoming photographic fears, recognizing your strengths and strengthening weaknesses as well as following your instincts and photographic problem-solving. Steve will discuss the art of editing efficiently, ruthlessly and thoroughly to help you squeeze the very best from every shoot.
This will be an intense and fun session that gives you a reinvigorated passion for your work and a clear and concise plan of action, maximizing your strengths and talents to push photographic limits and move forward toward becoming the photographer you know you can be. 
1day seminar
What you should bring

* notepad or tablet to take notes
* upon joining this seminar, you will be asked to submit one of your pictures - Steve will review and critique some of the students' images during the class.


Please note that this seminar does not include any shooting.

About the Instructor
Steve Simon

Steve Simon is an award-winning documentary photographer and critically acclaimed author of five photography books. He is best known for his work focusing on the human condition, capturing life as he encounters it. Steve shines a light on important subjects and issues using the power of photography in the hope of facilitating positive change. His documentary work has been widely published and featured in solo shows across the globe. Steve has also always enjoyed sharing his photographic knowledge with others and regularly guest lectures and leads workshops at photography events worldwide.

Limited Spaces

Saturday, February, 6 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Booking Closed
Who Should Attend

No prior knowledge is assumed. You are a beginner photographer if you usually shoot in the ‘green’ or AUTOMATIC zone.

You would like to understand the basics of photography, get to know and learn how to use your essential camera features; aperture, shutter speed, ISO and others.

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