Using Flash in Street Photography

Eric Kim | Confident Beginner

Have you ever seen Bruce Gilden shooting street photography on YouTube, getting up, close, and personal with a flash? Have you ever wanted to elevate your street photos to another dimension by adding more energy, vigor, and edginess to your work? Do you feel that your street photos are flat, boring, and could use some shaking up?

In this action packed day, you will learn the essentials of how to shoot street photography with a flash, both candidly and with permission. In the workshop we will discuss the technical settings for how to use a flash in street photography, and also do it in a way that you don't get punched in the face.

The workshop is limited to a class of 16 passionate individuals who want to take their street photography to new heights, and want to be pushed outside of their comfort zone. With 1:1 shooting time with Eric Kim, he will push you creatively and encourage you to build your courage shooting street photography.

Workshop Syllabus

Here is a syllabus of what we will cover in the workshop:
1.     How to creatively use flash when shooting street photography during the day and in low light conditions
2.     How to ‘drag the shutter’ by creating motion in the background but freezing your subject
3.     Identify the best situations when and when not to use flash
4.     The best technical settings to use on your camera and flash
5.     How to blend in with the scene and deal with conflict when using flash for street photography

1day workshop  

What you should bring

* Digital SLR with integrated flash
* Digital SLR with hotshoe and small flash
* Lenses (ideally a mid-range zoom and possibly a reasonably fast prime, e.g. 50mm f/1.8, 35mm f/1.4 etc)
* Memory cards
* Camera manual

Optional Accessories: Flash Sync cord, if you wish to shoot off-camera flash.
If you’re unsure about which sync cord to buy, email us at and our friendly store folks will be happy to assist you.
About the Instructor
Eric Kim

Eric Kim is a California based international street photographer. He has been shooting street photography for over 7 years and started a blog to share his work and lessons learned around 3 years ago in response to the lack of information and resources he found when starting out. Today Eric is so active in the social media and blogging world that it is virtually impossible to miss him. He pours his heart and soul into serving the street photography community at large and teaches workshops internationally. 

Saturday, February, 6 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Who Should Attend

You are familiar with aperture, shutter, ISO and understand how these work together to create a correct exposure.

You shoot in Aperture or Shutter Priority modes and can use the basic features on your digital camera confidently

You would like more opportunities to practise and consolidate what you already know and also to stretch yourself a little further both creatively and technically.

This session is limited to 12 students only

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