Entrepreneurship for Photographers

David Hobby | Photography - Beginner

As photographers, it is no secret that our industry has gotten more crowded. It sometimes feels as if we are competing against, well ... everyone. After all, nearly everyone carries a camera and an HD video camera in their pocket 24/7.
How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you thrive a game that often feels rigged against you?

One solution is to completely redefine the playing field. Which is exactly what photographer David Hobby did in 2007 after having spent 20 years as a traditional editorial shooter. After that, nothing was the same.

What would happen if we stopped thinking of ourselves as photographers and started thinking more like entrepreneurs? What if photography was no longer the final product, but rather the catalyst for other, more interesting things?
This is exactly what you will spend your time discussing in Entrepreneurship for Photographers. David will share specifics of his path, but you'll also explore the paths of other photographers who have made the same leap.
Along the way we'll ask questions, question our assumptions, and develop a framework of thought for exploring our own, unique situations. It will be a fast, thought-provoking evening that may well change the way we think of ourselves as photographers.

Half a day seminar 
What you should bring

Your notebook & pen


About the Instructor
David Hobby

Hobby's informal teaching style draws upon his experience of photographing over 10,000 assignments over 20 years to make learning how to master your small flashes not only easy, but also fun.

Limited Spaces

Tuesday, February, 9 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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Who Should Attend

No prior knowledge is required. You are a beginner photographer if you usually shoot on AUTOMATIC mode.

For this workshop, you would like to understand the basics of photography, get to know and learn how to use your essential camera features; aperture, shutter speed, ISO and others.

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