One Light (SAT)

Zack Arias | Photography - Advanced

This workshop is not a 9 to 5 presentation of pretty pictures telling you what f-stop and shutter speed were used to make them.  You will not be instructed to follow your heart.  We will not “feel” the light.  We most definitely will not talk about the transcendental properties of light and shadow and make metaphors between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

This workshop breaks lighting down into something we can understand and know how to use in practical day to day shooting.

- Learning to make creative and compelling portraits wherever we are at any time of the day or night.
- Understanding how light works in the simplest form and mastering that one single light source. Learning how amazingly consistent it can be from shot to shot to shot to shot.
- Learning how light gives you control and options. You have control over your shooting environment and you have options to deliver to your clients.
- Workflow & marketing

The intimidation of flash photography is going to melt away for you. You will walk away with the confidence and knowledge you need to take control of your shoots. Imagine walking into any environment with a simple lighting rig confident that you will make great portraits you are proud to deliver because you understand light and how to use it.

One-day Workshop

What you should bring

- a DSLR camera,
- Wide to slightly telephoto lens selection,
- a few memory cards.
- If you have Pocket Wizards those are welcome but Zack will have extras for folks to use.


About the Instructor
Zack Arias

Zack Arias is an editorial portrait and music photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia in the US. While his specialty for the last 7 years has been music photography, he has been branching into more editorial and advertising work.

Zack's approach is simple, straightforward, bold, classic, true and straight from camera. His greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of people and relax in front of the camera. He believes that a photographer's true job description is to be a "problem solver".

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Saturday, February, 6 12:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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Who Should Attend

You are a very confident camera user. You may be a passionate amateur photographer, aspiring professional, photographer's assistant or professional aiming to sharpen your skills.

You want to be introduced to new techniques that challenge you both technically and creatively and have an opportunity to work with professional grade equipment. You are also interested in being introduced to the process of professional photography from planning to finished image.

This session is limited to 16 students only

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