Street Photography - Day & Night

Zack Arias | Confident Beginner

Zack Arias is a commercial and editorial photographer. His world is one where he is in control of everything most of the time. When this bores him to tears and he can take it no longer, he grabs a camera, a lens, and hits the streets of whatever town he finds himself in and works on, what he calls, his hobby of street photography. 

The beauty of street photography is the lack of control of the environment, the subjects and, most importantly, the light. Work through the streets of Dubai as you set out to shoot a travel piece about the place and the people of this city in the day and night time. Candid moments, details, and impromptu portraits are all elements of street photography. 

Zack will teach about gear choices to make, handling yourself on the street, approaching strangers, and dealing with constantly changing variables. 

Zack has walked and photographed countless miles through the streets of cites all around the world including Hong Kong, New York, London, and of course, our home of Dubai. His street work has been showcased on CNN. 

One-day workshop

What you should bring

Your camera, lenses and CF card



This workshop will conclude with a group dinner at the famous Ravi restaurant in Satwa; for this reason the end time of the workshop is only an estimate.  The workshop fee includes the cost of dinner for youself. 

About the Instructor
Zack Arias

Zack Arias is an editorial portrait and music photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia in the US. While his specialty for the last 7 years has been music photography, he has been branching into more editorial and advertising work.

Zack's approach is simple, straightforward, bold, classic, true and straight from camera. His greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of people and relax in front of the camera. He believes that a photographer's true job description is to be a "problem solver".

Limited Spaces

Tuesday, February, 9 1:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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Who Should Attend

You are familiar with aperture, shutter, ISO and understand how these work together to create a correct exposure.

You shoot in Aperture or Shutter Priority modes and can use the basic features on your digital camera confidently

You would like more opportunities to practise and consolidate what you already know and also to stretch yourself a little further both creatively and technically.

This session is limited to 10 students only

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