The Headshot Intensified

Peter Hurley | Processing - Advanced

This workshop is open only to students who have previously completed "Mastering the Headshot Level 1". Please register your interest by clicking on the button if you'd like to be considered for this workshop.
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Workshop Description

In this workshop Peter throws you into the mix after having previously going through his Mastering the Headshot workshop. You'll spend time working with Peter on digging deeper into the concepts that are proven to make each headshot session a success. This one day workshop is open to anyone who has previously taken  Mastering the Headshot workshop. The ideas you learned during Mastering the Headshot are expanded upon here using Peter as a guinea pig to help you apply those concepts in a live setting.  

The Headshot Intensified topics include: 

Headshot Theory

  • Your internal Road Map: Expanding upon your path for communicating with your subject in order to take them from Zero to Shabang!
  • Keeping them on their toes: Fine tuning the back and forth between you and your subject using direct direction and misdirection.
  • Busting Through The Turbulence: Techniques for turning a subject’s attitude from negative to positive. 
  • Going Off The Beaten Path: What’s your curveball? Delving into the unknown to find and angle that works for you. 
  • When to kick it into Autopilot: It’s your day too, controlling vs. being controlled.
  • Going For Blood: Moving beyond simply giving them a headshot and turning the time you’ve spent with them into a life experience.

Getting your shoot on:

  • Hammering out the Hurley system: Taking advantage of Peter’s signature Hurley System or what he likes to call his: Pre-shutter release checklist
  • Workin Your Gopher Light: Understanding the importance of consistency of light and finding a setup that works best for you.
  • Taking On Your Toughest Subject: Peter will be putting you on the spot by seeing precisely how you direct and handle a subject by becoming one! This process allows him to get a real handle on where you are as a whole and allows him to touch on your strengths and weaknesses from a firsthand point of view.
  • Perfecting your edit: The editing process is not only used for choosing the best shots and eliminating other’s, it’s also a powerful coaching tool that we’ll be exploring. 
  • Finding your style: The importance of working on your color palate and overall aesthetic to develop a unique look to your work. 

One day workshop


What you should bring
  • Bring a camera with with a lens in the 70 to 135mm range. 
  • You will need to shoot tethered to a computer with the necessary capture software. 
  • You must have a tripod that can reach at least 6 feet in height with a ball head attached.
  • 5 of your favorite headshots that you’ve post processed along with their raw files.
About the Instructor
Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley is a bit of a rare breed. His haphazard way of moving through life has had him riding the waves around the world on a sailboat, plastered his mug in magazines modeling for the likes of Polo and Abercrombie & Fitch and put over 10,000 faces three feet in front of his lens. His prowess behind the camera fueled his desire to educate and he has spoken at Google, Apple, Microsoft and TEDx. His coaching/referral platform for photographers called Headshot Crew comprises the largest group of headshot specialists in the world. Kicking his entrepreneurial side into high gear he founded a photography gear company called HURLEYPRO and co-founded a new discipline called PsyPhotology, a unique concept of intertwining psychology with photography. He is proud to add author to his list of accolades as he releases his highly anticipated book, “ The Headshot.” He calls New York City his home where he lives with his beautiful wife and precious twin daughters. 

Limited Spaces

Thursday, February, 11 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Booking Closed
Who Should Attend

You are currently at least at the level of shooting in Aperture or Shutter priority modes and can use the basic features on your camera confidently to create a correct exposure.

You have a thorough understanding of this software. You may be a motivated amateur photographer or use Photoshop as part of your profession. You are looking to learn about advanced or little known features that can save you time and improve efficiency and creative outcomes.

This session is limited to 8 students only


• You must be a BFAS member on Headshot Crew( OR/AND you have taken Peter's Mastering the Headshot (2014 or 2016) or The Headshot Intesified workshops in the US.

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