Introduction to Off-Camera Flash

David Hobby | Photography - Advanced

Note - each student will get a kit needed to use his/her speedlite off-camera worth AED 800 (USD 218). Details below.

Do you meekly characterize yourself as an "available light" photographer? Does the thought of using flash off-camera give you the heebie-jeebies? Does your idea of getting wild and crazy with your flash mean throwing it into TTL mode and bouncing the light off of a wall? (Woooooo, crazy…)

Well you can kiss your fear of flashing goodbye. This start-from-zero, one-day class will take you from flash anxiety to creating beautiful portraits with your brand new off-camera lighting gear.

What? You don't have any brand new off-camera lighting gear? Oh, yes you do. Because we'll be providing your own, personal location lighting kit as part of the deal. All you need to do is to bring your DSLR, a lens and your under-appreciated hot shoe flash. We'll provide the rest.

What you get:
1. A gear set that is usually worth $218 (AED 800) that includes*:
White Shoot-through Umbrella 84cm (33")
Umbrella Adapter
200cm Light Stand
Wireless Trigger Set (Transmitter and Receiver)
Light Kit Carrying case

2.  And, most importantly, a professional photographer to show you the ropes and get you off and running. But not just any professional photographer. Class instructor David Hobby was a 20-year newspaper photojournalist veteran before founding—where he has taught literally millions (no, seriously!) of photographers how to use off-camera lighting to take their photography to the next exciting level.

So, then. You show up with your camera and flash and little to zero experience and you leave a well-equipped lighting photographer with enough knowledge to be dangerous.

We can't roll out the red carpet any better than that. Which means your days of "available light" excuses are over, bucko.

We'll spend the day learning about your new gear, (new toys!) learning the basics of lighting (really, it's not so hard) and even practicing (on each other—muah-ha-ha-ha!) so that by the time you leave at the end of the day you'll be ready to go out experimenting on your own. Or, you'll be ready to jump into any other lighting course GPP has to offer.

Sounds exciting? That's because it is exciting. Lighting is cool. It's the secret sauce that makes professional pictures professional looking. Spend a day learning how to really cook.

*Please note: This kit is compatible with all universal flash hot shoe mounts commonly found in most cameras out there. If you own a vintage, older or uncommon brand of camera with a proprietary hot shoe mount, your camera might not be compatible with this lighting kit. Check in with us at the GPP store beforehand and we’ll confirm its compatibility.

One-day, fast—start class 


What you should bring

* Your DSLR
* Normal (or normal zoom) lens (i.e. 50-105mm)
* Any hot shoe flash which can be adjusted manually (1/1 power, ½, ¼, etc.). If you are not sure about your flash, please ask a GPP staffer for help.


The first day of the Speedlite Bootcamp and Introduction to Off-Camera Flash cover the same content - for this reason please do not book both workshops.

About the Instructor
David Hobby

Hobby's informal teaching style draws upon his experience of photographing over 10,000 assignments over 20 years to make learning how to master your small flashes not only easy, but also fun.

Limited Spaces

Saturday, February, 6 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Booking Closed
Who Should Attend

You are a very confident camera user. You may be a passionate amateur photographer, aspiring professional, photographer's assistant or professional aiming to sharpen your skills.

You want to be introduced to new techniques that challenge you both technically and creatively and have an opportunity to work with professional grade equipment. You are also interested in being introduced to the process of professional photography from planning to finished image.

This session is limited to 16 students only

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