Attend GPP 2016

If we haven’t emphasized it enough yet, GPP2016 is kind of a big deal. Not only will you walk away more educated, but you will come away energized, inspired, and passionate to pursue your own projects.


To join us for GPP2016, you must register for each event individually. Since many of our events and workshops overlap, there are no tickets you can purchase for the whole festival. But don’t cry – we’ve designed GPP2016 to give you control, letting you tailor the week to your unique interests and skill level. By filling our schedule to the brim, we ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for, whatever your interests and skill level!

To book online, register on our website, place your desired events in your cart, and enter your card details to pay via our secure online payment partner. Easy as cake, and twice as delicious!



Your registration constitutes permission to use photos, audio, and video recording taken of you at the event for promotional and educational purposes in connection with GPP events and activities, in corresponding publications, in GPP’s archives and website.

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Still debating? Hear it from our previous attendees!

Why go to Dubai for Gulf Photo Plus? Because it may be the best photo workshop experience on the planet right now.
Of course there’s the stellar line-up of instructors - Ed Kashi _and_ Andrew Hetherington _and_ Steve Simon along with RC, Arias, Lando, Hurley, Hobby, and Lackey…the list goes on... Shebang! – but what makes GPP special is the experience of hanging out with photographers from all over the globe.
In 2015 more than half of the participants traveled more than 6 hours each way to attend. That’s a commitment, and everybody – instructors and participants alike – is fully engaged.
What differentiates GPP from other gatherings is “The Hang”. Because almost all of the participants stay in the same hotel, evenings in the hotel bar generate wide ranging conversations that rarely include f-stops, shutter speeds, or ISO settings, but seldom stray far from photography. Often these conversations resume at breakfast the next morning, unless Arias is telling a bad joke. Add all this to the experience of being in Dubai itself, and it’s easy to see why people come back. If you only plan on attending one major workshop in 2016, you should seriously consider coming to Dubai in February. Hala, Mohammed and the awesome GPP staff have created one of the most challenging, informative, inspirational, and fun photography experiences around. You _will_ be a better photographer afterwards.
Douglass Sisk, Photographer and Producer

It was the finest decision of my life.
David Hobby, Peter Hurley, Zack Arias were a few from whom I learnt little things that need to be kept in mind while shooting.
Wahaj Alley

I was in Dubai in November with a head full of media images and preconceptions that were just plain wrong, sometimes perniciously so. I've nevet met friendlier, warmer, more open, more gracious people. Period. Full stop. It was a wonderful experience just for the people. The food was, for me, to die for. Please go see for yourself; don't let anyone tell you what the place is. And GPP will absolutely rock. What a line up! Kurt Wall

I've done GPP for a few years whilst I lived in Dubai and even went back last November. For those who haven't been, it's awesome, and I class myself as a product of GPP, learnt everything I know from there... Muzna Butt

Well, all, I have got to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for GPP2013. Joe, thanks for kicking my ass with the timeframes in your class. I learned a lot about how I handle stress behind the camera, how I need to manage my time, and how to clear my head if something goes awry with the shoot. Drew, thanks for letting me get in over my head with the grid spots on the third day of Joe's class when you were helping me out. If I hadn't had an overly ambitious and incredibly specific lighting plan fail on a deadline, I probably would have tried to overcomplicate things this go round. Mo, last but most certainly not least, thanks for putting on the world class event that was GPP 2013. I hate that I can't make it this year, but I hope to make it in 2015. The experiences that I had, and the information that I left with, enabled me to make some photos that I am incredibly proud of. All the best, and with deep gratitude Keith Rogers, Alabama, USA

What a great week - thank you! The workshop photographers were high caliber, kind, generous, fun, humble and most of all - wonderful teachers! Each and every assistant I encountered were helpful, supportive knowledgeable and most of all - just all round great guys!I felt the workshops were well organized, well put together and successful! Great job and well done to all of you!! Wishing you all the best and continued success! Dawn Claydon

A few weeks ago I returned from one of the greatest experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had in my life time. I attended an event known as Gulf Photo Plus 2014 – or more commonly referred to as GPP2014. This event is put together by the organisation Gulf Photo Plus, based in Dubai, and has been steadily gathering momentum to this it’s tenth year. In a nutshell it is a gathering of some of the biggest names in photography from all over the world, covering all genres of photography from high end advertising to landscapes to fashion to street shooting….. etc etc.I have had many people ask me whether my time and expense attending this event was worth it. It was on so many levels. I sold some of my gear to get there – gear that I can, and will have to do without for now. What I got in terms of knowledge, growth and experience as a photographer far outweighs what that gear was worth. So once again, yes it was so worth it. If you have ever thought about attending something like this, and you are serious about your photography, find a way to get there. You will not regret it. Simon Fleming, Australia