Beyond Technique: Finding a Meaningful Path as a Photographer

David Hobby

Open To All

Sun, Mar 09, 2014      18:00-21:30

So, you have a nice camera and you understand f/stops and shutter speeds. You might even be comfortable using light. 

Now what?

Surely photography has to be about more than learning the next trick - or purchasing the next shiny piece of kit. What makes you happy as a photographer? Is happiness even your goal? What about money? Are the two goals mutually exclusive?

What do you want to do with your camera? Do you even know? Do you want to change the world, or maybe just change yourself?

This session won't be about composition, exposure or lighting (okay, maybe a little bit about lighting). Instead, we'll step outside our comfort zones and examine what is possible through our photography. This will require a change of perspective. It will mean challenging some long-held assumptions. 

It may cause you to change your compass point - or to create one for the very first time. And most important, to learn how to follow it.

When you buy and attend this seminar, you will also receive a flash drive with the mobile versions of both Lighting in Layers and Flash Bus for each attendee. That makes the class a very compelling value as each of those video series sells for USD$99 in mobile format form.

Who Should Attend
These sessions will be jam-packed with useful information that be of benefit and interest to all levels.

One-day seminar

What you should bring
Your notebook & pen

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