I was in Dubai in November with a head full of media images and preconceptions that were just plain wrong, sometimes perniciously so. I've nevet met friendlier, warmer, more open, more gracious people. Period. Full stop. It was a wonderful experience just for the people. The food was, for me, to die for. Please go see for yourself; don't let anyone tell you what the place is.

And GPP will absolutely rock. What a line up!

Kurt Wall

I've done GPP for a few years whilst I lived in Dubai and even went back last November. For those who haven't been, it's awesome, and I class myself as a product of GPP, learnt everything I know from there...

Muzna Butt

What a great week - thank you!
The workshop photographers were high caliber, kind, generous, fun, humble and most of all - wonderful teachers! Each and every assistant I encountered were helpful, supportive knowledgeable and most of all - just all round great guys!
I felt the workshops were well organized, well put together and successful! Great job and well done to all of you!! Wishing you all the best and continued success!

Dawn Claydon

I got to attend just 4 of the 8 days of GPP2013 but it is the best photo experience I ever had

Alex Atienza

So sad! GPP2013 is over! Best part was being able to make mistakes in the workshops to learn how to avoid them in the real world.

Haya Khalifa

I have never seen a team so dedicated and passionate about what they do than the Gulf Photo Plus team

Kinan Jarjous