How does the GPP event work?

The GPP event comprises of over 50 workshops and seminars by 14 different photographers running from March 8th to 14th. You select the workshops that are of interest to you and suitable to your skill level and experience. We have a level indicator for every workshop/seminar.

What is the PhotoFriday event?

PhotoFriday takes place on March 7, 2014 and will comprise of 16 90-minute sessions with a wide ranging selection of subjects from live demonstrations to inspirational and educational talks to panels. The PhotoFriday schedule will be released in mid January.

How do I know which workshop is right for me?

We have a skill level specified for every workshop and seminar on the workshop details page. 
If you need additional advice, we’re more than happy to help – give us a call or email us and we can help direct you.

What is the difference between a workshop and a seminar?

A workshop is a very intensive hands-on session where students get to photograph under the guidance of the instructor. Class sizes are small and vary from between 6 to 16.

Seminars are shorter sessions and while many of them involve live shoots, the seminar attendees do not get to have a hands-on, shooting experience. That said, you can learn and get a lot of valuable information at a seminar. The costs of seminars are much lower as well.

I’d like to get a certificate of completion for my workshop. Is that possible?

Yes, sure. Every workshop student will be handed a certificate of completion signed by their workshop instructor. This will be given to you at the end of the workshop. 

How do I sign up and pay for the workshops?

We have several ways to help you with that.

  • Book online; you’ll need to register on our website, then add your workshops to the cart and finally enter your credit card details and you’ll secure your space to the workshops.
  • If you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to book online, you can drop by to our space during working hours and pay by cash, check or credit card.
  • You can send us a wire transfer – email us what workshops you’re interested in and we’ll send you our bank details and you can make a wire transfer payment.

How can I get a discount?

If you book before January 12th, midnight UAE time, you are entitled to 10% of your workshops value to spend at the GPP Store  between February 15th and March 14th 2014.
If you are a group, photo club or university students association, email us and we'll try and help you the best we can.

I bought my tickets and received an order confirmation. What’s next?

Sit tight – closer to the workshop date, we’ll be sending you a reminder and a list of instructions on what gear to bring, etc. and sometimes photographers send additional information.

Can I gift someone a workshop?

Sure. Go to the GIFT VOUCHERS page on our website and select an amount or contact us to get advice on which workshop would be appropriate to gift.

I bought one or more workshops. 
Something’s come up – can I cancel my workshops and get a refund?

You can – however, subject to these conditions.

  • Before Feb 15, 2014:
    • Exchange: You can exchange your workshop with another GPP2014 workshop subject to availability and it should be the same or a higher value. If the workshop you choose is of a lower value, then you will only be entitled to 70% of the difference.
    • Refund: You can get a refund of 70% of the workshop value.
  • After Feb 15, 2014:
    • Refund: Sorry, folks – no refund or exchange after this point.

Photofriday tickets are non-refundable

Where is my workshop taking place?

The HQ for GPP2014 is the Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Center. Click here for the map.

If you have signed up to an on-location workshop, you will still need to come to the Knowledge Village to register for your workshop and will be provided transportation to your shoot locations.

I am traveling from abroad to attend GPP. I have a few questions.

Got it and a big welcome to you, traveler! We’re here to help.
For travel/visa/hotel info, go here for all necessary information