El Haouzia Shipreck

M'hammed Kilito

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A few nautical miles from El Jadida, and a few fathoms from the beach of El Haouzia, lies a ship that seems to have been ripped open by Neptune himself. For the record, this is a ship that was carrying a cargo of precious wood from Africa to Europe in the late 80s. On a stormy night, the ship sought refuge in the port of El Jadida. Unfortunately, the perimeter had two lighthouses. One in the harbor, and the other operating on the coast of Si Daoui, whose seabed was not deep enough, to contain a vessel of this size. The ship was lured by the glow emanating from the Si Daoui district. Its imposing size, ideal to face the monstrous marine swell, was not to its advantage in this case and led it to sink.


The sea currents, gravediggers for the occasion, dragged the bow of the ship to the beach of El Haouzia. Dismembered, stale, the cadaverous wreckage nevertheless adds an ounce of frightening beauty to the oceanic landscape of El Jadida beach.