Flerida Pajate

Find Your Colours Print Sale

Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • This image is part of the exhibition "Find Your Colours", produced in partnership with JOTUN. This special print sale will run from September 16th to October 7th. 
  • Printed on archival-grade fine art paper at GPP in Dubai. 
  • Open edition.

AED 350.00 ($ 95.37)


Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Flerida Pajate has always been fascinated with arts and music. She started drawing at the age of 5, joined a music band in high school and continued drawing and painting while in college. She was part of a few group exhibits in galleries in Metro Manila and was also a semifinalist in Metro Bank’s Young Painters Annual competition.


Flerida moved to United Arab Emirates in 2008 for work and started her interest in photography in 2011 while residing in Dubai. Now based in Abu Dhabi, she takes mostly street photographs but also does landscapes, travel, events, mass weddings, portraits and commercial shoots. Some of her works have been published in local magazines in Abu Dhabi and most recently in an online photography magazine based in Germany. She is also a volunteer photographer in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Abu Dhabi.


Remarkably, taking photographs has given her a new perspective in life as it has allowed her to peek into the beauty of the mundane, capturing the lives of regular people going about their lives – an old man walking in the sidewalk deep in thought or a group of people sharing Iftar meals. This made her appreciate the extraordinary in the little things in life that are usually taken for granted. Being a photographer, she is grateful that she can be an instrument in preserving these moments.