Abdellah ElBakri

Find Your Colours Print Sale

Tafraout, Morocco
  • This image is part of the exhibition "Find Your Colours", produced in partnership with JOTUN. This special print sale will run from September 16th to October 7th. 
  • Printed on archival-grade fine art paper at GPP in Dubai. 
  • Open edition.

AED 350.00 ($ 95.37)


I was born in a small town called Tafraoute in the southern region of Morocco on May 11, 1993. I was raised by a traditional Moroccan Amazigh couple. My first photo work was quite experimental, messy, ready to explore perceptual human boundaries using all kinds of experimental means. I began to apply my experimental means to create a deep reflection around the concepts of change and identity. The result is sheets of visual stories that have both a narrative side and a conceptual side. I believe that the photographic language is organic. My photographic series are ready to occupy the narrative field, stories that give not only meaning to the local identity but a purpose also. The change in North Africa is blurring the boundaries between the old and the new in a very rapid sense. Documenting the meaning of change becomes a way to better understand.


It is through the observation of Moroccan daily life which is full of cultural diversity, rich in terms of physiological, social and ideological differences that I was able to sharpen my gaze.


My curiosity to discover others regardless of their culture, origins and beliefs, contributes to improving my knowledge and openness to others and pushes me above all to open up to the world that is around me, and especially to photograph in the moment through street photography. I have this gift, like some humanists, of telling stories that speak to everyone, and which is shared by a majority of living beings and more specifically Moroccans, by what they speak to everyone. While listening to my surroundings, I look with my soul, my heart and not just my eyes.