Tawpee Comeso

Find Your Colours Print Sale

Sharjah, UAE
  • This image is part of the exhibition "Find Your Colours", produced in partnership with JOTUN. This special print sale will run from September 16th to October 7th. 
  • Printed on archival-grade fine art paper at GPP in Dubai. 
  • Open edition.

AED 350.00 ($ 95.37)


A native Filipino from Batangas Philippines, who was raised with 5 girl siblings and was the youngest among the 6. Drawing and Painting was his first love, then got a chance to became photo journalist way back 1993 on their High school news Paper. Being engaged in photography has been set aside when he went in college.


Now he is currently residing in Abu Dhabi UAE with his family. Then his passion on the Art of Photography came back to his system when his wife bought a Camera from her Colleague way back 8 years ago, it once a hobby then became his Profession , Through his photography journey he achieved and won several Photography Competitions Locally and Abroad.


Now He is currently working at the Abu Dhabi municipality as a Photographer, And the rest on his photography journey were history and his path in this Art is still continueslly on going.