Ajša Zdravković

COVID-19 Artist Relief Print Sale Round II

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Printed on Archival Fine Art Paper
  • Open Edition

AED 350.00 ($ 95.37)

In order to ensure that our prints are shipped with the utmost care, we are not offering framing for online orders. However, if you are in the UAE and would like your print to be framed, please contact us via email at info@gulfphotoplus.com for a quotation.


Ajša Zdravković is a visual artist, graphic designer, illustrator and writer. Originally Serbian-British, she was born and raised in the North of England and moved to Geneva, Switzerland to pursue studies in visual communication and illustration. Since her ninth birthday, she’s moved houses seventeen times and has never had a grounded sense of home.


She finds home in whomever she loves and prides herself in being like the wind, a chameleon capable of shape-shifting to her environment, both in her work and her personal life. This allows her to be fully observational of her surroundings, forming ever-changing opinions and creating discussions.


Hopping and skipping from discipline to discipline, from painting to writing, illustrating to creating face filters and playing piano, she’s a jack-of-all-trades, never satisfied without movement, change and exploration. Ajša currently resides in Amsterdam.


@ajsaajsaajsa | ajsaajsaajsa.com