Divorced Without Regrets

Tasneem AlSultan

Kuwait, 2016
  • Printed on Epson Hot Press Bright Archival Paper
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  • Open Edition

AED 495.00 ($ 135.00)

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"I was twenty when I had my first love, it was a girl. I had never liked a man before in my life, so, when I found out that a distant relative was gay, I approached him with the idea of marriage to please both of our families.

Only after the wedding did I realize that he wanted a real marriage. He wanted children. It didn't work because we had different expectations.

When I realized my mistake, I asked for a divorce. I think my mother suspected before the separation but I knew she was sure when he told her that we'd never kissed. I don't regret my divorce because it was still easier for me to be independent as a divorcee than as an unmarried woman.”