The Memory of Hope

The Memory of Hope

Presenting a new body of work, Ethiopian photographer Aida Muluneh examines the memory of hope, a distant mirage in the desert of optimism that once defined her youth. In this series, Muluneh recalls embracing hope with excitement and fervor, confident in what she believed was right and wrong with the world. With liberal expectations, she sought validation along righteous paths, yet the reality she discovered with age was one that reflected the darker side of humanity.

Consistent with her previous work, The Memory of Hope makes use of vibrant colors and traditional patterns passed down within distinct Ethiopian communities. Muluneh transforms the women in her compositions to create allegorical characters who, with painted faces, draw attention to the personas we adopt in order to hide our true intentions.

Through this series Muluneh aims to emphasize the decadence of this world, which is rooted in those who profit from the toils of the disadvantaged. This hedonism is a manifestation of the actions we take to maintain our differences, motivated by the delusion of superiority and the rampant ego. The Memory of Hope aims to amplify that which we refuse to hear, and to present that which we refuse to see.

Join us for opening night Nov 8th from 7pm onward.  The artist will be introcuding the work at 8pm in the gallery space.

See more of Aida Muluneh's work on her website.