Conceptos Paralelos | Parallel Concepts

Conceptos Paralelos | Parallel Concepts

So far, and yet, so close. 


The changes brought about by globalisation mean we can now reach most places on Earth in a matter of hours. We have the opportunity to witness the inspiring show of life happening all over our planet, and break free of all kinds of physical and mental barriers.


But, when we do, how much do we look alike? Do we dream the same dreams? Do we have the same visions of love or progress? How can we overcome our differences and not simply live “in parallel”?


This exhibition, promoted by the Spanish Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, places the focus on concepts fundamental to life in both countries. These four artists featured, who, despite having different life trajectories, tell us essentially related stories from different perspectives, united through the languages of photography and video art.


The way forward is rapprochement, wouldn’t you agree?