Nick Fancher Returns to Dubai this October

Back by popular demand, Nick Fancher is returning to Dubai this October to teach three exciting workshops at GPP!



We’re extremely excited to have Nick Fancher back in Dubai – but you might be wondering, why all the hype? When we think of Nick Fancher, the first thing that comes to mind is ingenuity and imagination, and that's exactly what we value at GPP.


Unlike most heavy hitters in the industry, Nick has made his career in photography demonstrating that ‘less is more’. He shoots with minimal gear (coining ‘Studio Anywhere’), while never failing to bring his signature style to the table. Nick incorporates dramatic lighting and bold color play into his shoots, transcending commercial and product photography, fine art portraiture and even tapping into the music industry, shooting funky album covers and spreads for bands.


A triple threat in Columbus, Ohio, Nick is a photographer, author, and educator who visited Dubai for the first time in February. He taught two classes at Photo Week, Studio Anywhere and Chroma: Studio in Color, which were not only well received but also demonstrated true ‘innovation’; he delivered unique and inspiring content that reflected who he is and his value offering as an artist. Nick shared real world tactics with his students, essentially how to have a client or editor stop in their tracks and say “wow, this image really pops”.


Nick also competed in our annual Shoot Out at GPP Photo Week 2018 where, using only crude hardware lights, was able to create a funky and modern portrait in only 25 minutes, with very minimal post-processing. Throughout the Shoot Out, Nick stayed calm, collected, and gracious (check it out on YouTube), which reflects his relaxed demeanor that makes it so easy to learn from him.


We decided to fly Nick back in October to teach Studio Anywhere and Chroma again, as well as a third class called Editorial Concepts.


Studio Anywhere is a workshop for people who value the art of being mobile – or those that need to be as they don’t have their own studio space. Nick shows you how to get creative and make good pictures, despite your perceived limitations. He takes the artistry of studio photography and breaks it down into steps that are manageable, from painting with light, playing with shadow, achieving white/grey/black backgrounds no matter where you are as well as sharing his Lightroom workflow to navigate post-processing (although a lot of the magic is done in camera).


Nick’s second class, Chroma: Studio in Color is an opportunity to not only improve your color game, but to differentiate yourself in the market. This is beyond your standard light play - it’s about bold, creative and intentional use of color in your studio work to create a mood and tell a visual story.


By popular demand, Nick is bringing a third workshop to the table this time around, called Editorial Concepts. In this class, you will gain knowledge you can use on the job, whether shooting a top model in a studio or an investment banker in an office space. This workshop will challenge you to problem solve, experiment and think outside of the box to execute on an editorial plan, preparing you for future assignments in the field.


Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Nick in October to fine tune your ability to craft light to fit your vision – a skill that's often overrated in the industry. He'll take you from merely playing with light to mastering it, and crafting the quality, quantity and color of it too.