Teachers, Workshop Assistants, Interns - We're Hiring!

We're looking for new members of our team!


Has your photography career reached the illustrious stage at which you feel ready to start inducting others into the trade? Whether it’s Beginner's Photography, Photoshop or Drone Photography, if you’ve mastered something and want to get involved in teaching, we’d like to hear from you. If you’d like to collaborate with us to create a new workshop, send a pitch to our Education Manager, Alice, detailing what you’d like to teach along with a loose outline of the workshop content. Please note that all GPP workshops offer a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises.



Are you a photographer or videographer that is familiar with Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere Pro? We need you! At GPP, we pride ourselves on delivering hands-on instruction in our workshops, with substantial attention from the instructor. To aid with this, we're looking for assistants familiar with the creative tools above! If you'd like to be considered, please write to work@gulfphotoplus.com with a CV/cover letter and/or portfolio.



Past interns have supported us by revamping our workshop presentations and handouts, researching local and international photography trends, drafting blog posts, and supporting shoots for social media content. We expect measurable contributions from our interns, not coffee runs, which ultimately makes it a more rewarding experience for the both of us, and for your CV! If you'd like to be considered, get to know us better by reading around on our website, attending some of our events, and even consider taking a workshop. When you’re ready, write to work@gulfphotoplus.com with a CV and cover letter that tells us how you would like to contribute.