An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Instructor: Louise Shrigley

This 8-hour introductory course for Adobe Photoshop provides the perfect way for beginner and intermediate photographers to take their photographs from good to extraordinary.


Please note that you are strongly encouraged to use Photoshop CC for this workshop as some of the material covered in the course addresses features which earlier versions of Photoshop may lack.

who should attend

This beginner's course covers the basics of Photoshop and is designed for everyone who has either never used the application before or has started to use it and thought “This is way too complicated!” or “There must be an easier, better way to do this...”


Yes, there is! This jam-packed course will show you how to take full advantage of this incredible post-processing software through 8 hours of instruction and practical, hands-on experience.

what's included
  • 8 hours of classroom instruction
  • Class notes
What's covered

This course is tailored for photographers and will provide you with the primary skills needed to get you started in image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop CC so you can take your photos from average to amazing.

Primary skills taught include:

  • Work flow functions: how to view and open digital camera files in Camera Raw, then begin the editing process in Photoshop
  • Getting familiar & friendly with the Photoshop workspace: the Navigator Palette, the Menu Bar, the Status Bar, the Toolbox, and the Palettes.
  • Fundamentals of Controlling Image size & Resolution. Ever wanted to share pictures with family & friends online but the image files were huge and it either slowed down your upload or choked it altogether. This course will sort this challenge out for you.
  • History palette: Keeping track of history in Photoshop is great for keeping track of changes to your images, comparisons, undoing editing steps, and correcting mistakes.
  • Color: Techniques for adjusting contrast, color & tone. CMYK, RGB and greyscale color modes. Different ways to convert to B&W.
  • Getting familiar with the different selection tools that allow you to apply changes on selected bits of your image: Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand and Quick Select
  • Additional image adjustments: Color and exposure corrections, cropping, saturation, layers, blend modes, working with Type (i.e. text)
  • Painting Tools: Paint Bucket and Fill Command; Gradient, Pattern and Line Tools; Brushes and Fade Command; Pencil, Paintbrush and Airbrush Tools; and Eraser Tools
  • Retouching Tools (flaw and blemish repair tools: Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Clone Stamp, History Brush)
  • Preparing images for printing & web use
  • Intro to color profiling
What to bring
  • Your charger and laptop, pre-loaded with Photoshop (plan to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the workshop to allow time to set up)
  • A mouse (to use instead of a computer trackpad)
  • A notebook and pen


Please note that you should have basic Mac or PC skills including: launching an application; creating, naming and saving documents; and navigating folders to locate a specific file. No prior experience in Photoshop is required.


You are welcome to bring drinks/snacks with you. There are also a small number of food outlets available within a short driving distance.


Please note that you are required to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your laptop prior to joining the workshop. Adobe has now moved Photoshop to be part of their Creative Cloud Photographer Plan. You can either sign up here for the Creative Cloud - Photographer Plan at US$ 9.99 a month, or you can make use of Adobe's free 7-day trial, which can be downloaded on the Adobe website, linked here (for as long as Adobe continues to offer it).


Important: Please make sure that you have opened and tested the software & that it is working correctly before you arrive.

About the Instructor
Louise Shrigley

Louise Shrigley is a British food photographer, wedding photographer and videographer, based in Dubai, UAE.
A mum of two girls and a former graphic designer and art director in the UK  for high street fashion Debenhams, she was passionate about communicating ideas through a visual language. A move into publishing designing award winning children’s picture books and educational material for PriddyBooks, many of her designs can be found on the shelves of book shops around the world.

Cancellation Policy
  • If cancelled 7 days prior to the start of workshop, you will be issued a 90% refund or may be rescheduled to another date.
  • If cancelled a minimum of 3 days (72 hours) prior to the start of your workshop, no refund is possible, but you may be rescheduled to another date.
  • If cancelled less than 3 days (72 hours) in advance of your workshop, no refund and no reschedule is possible.


Workshops can be rescheduled within 3 months of the original booking.

Bookings can only be transferred ONCE.  If you transfer your workshop booking and later wish to cancel it, we will unfortunately not be able to refund or reschedule you under any circumstances.

Please Note: Our classes are open to ANY brand of camera: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji and any other intermediate to advanced cameras (As long as they have manual controls i.e. NOT point-and-shoots) are welcome!

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