Speaking in Image - An Interactive Workshop

This intensive 1-day workshop presents a platform for teachers, students and photography enthusiasts to explore image as a language.

who should attend

You are a reasonably confident camera user and want to develop the content and storytelling within your photographs. You may be a passionate amateur photographer, aspiring professional, photographer's assistant or professional aiming to get out of your comofort zone.


You want to discover or refine your personal vision to create a unique and strong portfolio (for fine art or commercial purposes). You want to be introduced to new techniques that challenge you creatively and improve the way you create your photographs and have an opportunity to spend time with Alia honing your creative direction and process.

What's covered

As people are able to verbalize their thoughts, they are able to visualize them in a similar manner. But that begs the question, what is the difference between looking and seeing? Can we do both, or does it take practice? What about imagination? Does it dull over time, or can our imaginations stay as vibrant as when we were children, if not more? What about memories, do they influence how we see things or how we imagine them? Finally, how does one communicate these experiences so that others can access them?

Alia Ali, multi-media visual artist, visual storyteller and world traveler conducts this highly interactive workshop on how to use light to transfer imagination into two dimensional artwork. By engaging participants through discussions, brainstorming, group work and digital media, she will ensure that workshop attendees will leave feeling more enriched and confident in understanding image as a language and a medium in which they can document history, manifest expression, and build an audience.

Drawing from the work of photographers who have inspired her, Alia will also present experiences from her own portfolio of travel photography and fine art.


  • This workshop deals with the creative process and developing photographic concepts, rather than technical advice or hands-on time with camera gear. We will NOT be shooting during class.
  • This workshop may require some pre-work and preparation. This will be communicated to you closer to the class date if appropriate.


Throughout the workshop, participants will be asked to interact and engage in hands-on activities and exercises.

What to bring
  • A notebook and pen for taking notes
  • Participants are asked to bring one of their favorite images of all time. There are no restrictions to what this may mean.
Cancellation Policy

If you request to cancel your workshop more than 7 days before the start of your workshop, you will receive an 80% refund. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to start of your workshop, no refund is possible. Please note that rescheduling is not possible for this specialty workshop.

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