Finding Your Voice

David Alan Harvey

Level: Photography - Advanced

Sat, Mar 02, 2013      13:30-20:00
Sun, Mar 03, 2013      10:00-17:00
Mon, Mar 04, 2013      10:00-17:00

Note - this workshop is limited to 10 students

There are two kinds of musicians, those who play other people's songs and those who write & play their own music. In photography if you're going to reach the highest levels and set yourself apart, you have to be writing your own music, you have to be thinking & expressing your own ideas. You have to have something that's a little bit uncomfortable when you're trying to tell the story.

In this workshop we will focus on story formation, visual literacy, and personal vision. You will be mentored to find your own voice to say what you want to say, to look deep inside your own soul and then figure out a way to say it. David will not teach you how to use your cameras but will teach you to play the camera with your senses rather than the rules. He will lead the group through a daily program of solo shooting, reviews, group critiques, mentoring, editing sessions and the opportunity to learn amongst peers. 

Who should attend
This workshop is aimed at photographers who are dedicated to pushing their own personal photographic boundaries, including both professional and emerging & amateur photographers. 

What to bring
Please come to class with a photo project idea you're passionate about or have started working on. Please bring all the pictures you have for this project or at least some reference pictures from other photographers or the internet related to your idea in any way. You must bring some material to the class. You should also bring any supporting materials, e.g. project background, artist statements etc.


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