Digital Filmmaking For Photographers (Sat-Sun-Mon)

Eduardo Angel

Level: Photography - Intermediate

Sat, Mar 02, 2013      10:00-17:00
Sun, Mar 03, 2013      10:00-18:00
Mon, Mar 04, 2013      10:00-17:00

Note - this workshop is limited to 10 students

The emergence of HD Video in still cameras has opened up a new world to photographers and cinematographers. For photographers, journalists, film students and visual artists, HD video in a DSLR camera has widened the creative palette for visual expression, bringing together photography, video andmultimedia.

Here's Eduardo explaining what you'll learn in this 3-day workshop:

In this groundbreaking workshop, participants will experience the process of filmmaking in three dayswith the visual storyteller, educator and technology consultant Eduardo Angel. The workshop will focuson helping still photographers make the transition to build a solid foundation in filmmaking terms andtechniques. Applying the principles of narrative filmmaking with HDSLR systems, Eduardo will tackle thetechnical issues as well as the creative power of this technology. 

The workshop will cover the basics of filmmaking including lighting, camera movement, sound, andequipment. Eduardo and the students will collaborate as a small film crew to plan, shoot, and edit a short
film. Each team member will have the opportunity to experience different roles as director, director ofphotography (DP), camera operator, grip and audio technician. The emphasis will be on reinforcing thetheory behind the technique; understanding the equipment and processes rather than concentrating on afinished product. 

Among the many topics covered: Digital cinema workflow, filmmaking terms and techniques, AdobePremier Pro, script writing, pre production, production and post production considerations, marketing,budgeting, and essential gear.

This is an example of a short film you will learn how to make:



Who Should Attend
You are a very confident user of priority shooting and full manual modes for exposure control. You want to expand your technical understanding, and you are considering or already have started shooting video. 

Three-day workshop

What you should bring
Days 1 & 3: A note book and a pen
Day 2:  Video HD equipped cameras. Lenses. Large capacity memory cards. A notebook and a pen.
All Days: Lots of energy and questions.


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