• Lindsay Adler

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Lindsay Adler

    Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York. She has owned and operated a highly successful portrait, fashion and wedding studio distinguished by its "fashion flair" approach to imagery. When you look at Lindsay's work, you'll be amazed by the range and depth of her work - she is a fantastic instructor who has been teaching thousands of photographers her approach to shooting and retouching

    Lindsay's Workshops at GPP2013 | Lindsay's Website

  • David Alan Harvey

    GPP 2013 Instructor - David Alan Harvey

    David Alan Harvey started photographing at an early age and his obsessive exploration of family, humanity and culture has only grown more intense. David is a member of the Magnum Photos collective since 1993 and has contributed over 40 feature stories to National Geographic Magazine.

    He is the founder of Burn Magazine, an award-winning online journal for emerging photographers and the publishers of BurnBooks, a press specializing in limited edition art books.

    David's Workshops at GPP2013 | David's Website

  • Eduardo Angel

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Eduardo Angel

    Eduardo Angel is a visual storyteller, educator and an independent technology consultant. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Eduardo has been focused on helping photographers make the transition to motion with specialised workshops and seminars.

    With a background in photography, Eduardo is renowned for his no-frills, hands-on instruction that will get still shooters hit the ground running with video and multimedia projects.


    Eduardo's Workshops at GPP2013 | Eduardo's Website

  • Zack Arias

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Zack Arias

    Zack Arias is an editorial portrait and music photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia in the US. While his specialty for the last 7 years has been music photography, he has been branching into more editorial and advertising work.

    Zack\'s approach is simple, straightforward, bold, classic, true and straight from camera. His greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of people and relax in front of the camera. He believes that a photographer\'s true job description is to be a \"problem solver.\"

    Zack's Workshops at GPP2013 | Zack's Website

  • David Burnett

    GPP 2013 Instructor - David Burnett

    David Burnett is one of our generation's most respected photojournalists. With a career spanning over four decades, David has been documenting the world's major events from the Vietnam war to the Iranian Revolution and much more. He has photographed every US President since JFK and has been a regular fixture at the Olympics.

    We're immensely proud to host David in Dubai for GPP and his workshops are worth considering if only to get to hear his insights and his stories from an illustrious career not to mention, invaluable advice for your own photography career.

    David's Workshops at GPP2013 | David's Website

  • Scott Hargis

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Scott Hargis

    Scott Hargis is a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer specialising in interiors, architecture, lifestyle, advertising and real estate images. Known for his technical expertise and “can-do” attitude, Scott approaches every project with enthusiasm and professionalism, applying creativity and flawless technique to deliver outstanding images under any conditions. 

    Scott also teaches workshops throughout the US, Europe & Australia and has been widely recognized as a leader in the interior photography genre. 

    Scott's Workshops at GPP2013 | Scott's Website

  • Gregory Heisler

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Gregory Heisler

    Gregory Heisler has spent 25 years photographing magazine covers for TIME, LIFE Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Heisler's technical mastery and thoughtful responsiveness allow him to creatively interpret an unusually broad range of subjects.

    He is known for over 70 Time magazine covers, more than any other photographer. He truly is one of the modern photography legends who is world renowned for his understanding and mastery of light to create evocative portraiture.    

    Gregory's Workshops at GPP2013 | Gregory's Website

  • David Hobby

    GPP 2013 Instructor - David Hobby

    David Hobby is most widely known as the US-based photographer behind Through Strobist (and teaching in person around the world) Hobby has taught literally millions of photographers how to get the most out of their small flashes.

    Hobby's informal teaching style draws upon his experience of photographing over 10,000 assignments over 20 years to make learning how to master your small flashes not only easy easy, but also fun.

    David's Workshops at GPP2013 | David's Website

  • Peter Hurley

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Peter Hurley
    Peter Hurley is a bit of a rare breed. His haphazard way of moving through life has had him riding the waves around the world on a sailboat, plastered his mug in magazines modeling for the likes of Polo and Abercrombie & Fitch and put over 10,000 faces three feet in front of his lens. His prowess behind the camera fueled his desire to educate and he has spoken at Google, Apple, Microsoft and TEDx. His coaching/referral platform for photographers called Headshot Crew comprises the largest group of headshot specialists in the world. Kicking his entrepreneurial side into high gear he founded a photography gear company called HURLEYPRO and co-founded a new discipline called PsyPhotology, a unique concept of intertwining psychology with photography. He is proud to add author to his list of accolades as he releases his highly anticipated book, “ The Headshot.” He calls New York City his home where he lives with his beautiful wife and precious twin daughters. 

    Peter's Workshops at GPP2013 | Peter's Website

  • John Keatley

    GPP 2013 Instructor - John Keatley

    We're big fans of John Keatley's work. He brings an uncanny approach to his photographs using wit and humor to make very intriguing photographs. Based in Seattle, John specialises in advertising and editorial portrait photography. He is passionate about telling stories and his quick sense of humor and down to earth outlook allow him to create dramatic and memorable images.

    Have a look at this video bio here to learn more about John and if you haven't seen it already, check out his amazing portrait of Annie Leibovitz.

    John's Workshops at GPP2013 | John's Website

  • Bobbi Lane

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Bobbi Lane

    Bobbi Lane is a masterful teacher and portrait photographer. She has a wonderful ability to translate technical jargon to a simple and easy to understand language that will  help you master the ability to shoot portraits with natural and artificial light.

    If you are looking to improve and enhance your portrait photography skill set, look no further than Bobbi's workshops but they always sell fast so book them soon.    

    Bobbi's Workshops at GPP2013 | Bobbi's Website

  • Joe McNally

    GPP 2013 Instructor - Joe McNally

    Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career has spanned 30 years and includes assignments in over 50 countries. He has shot covers for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, Men's Journal and many more. He has been a 25-year contributor to National Geographic Magazine.

    If Joe wasn't a photographer, he could easily be a writer, teacher, fireman or a world leader - such is his personality and that's what makes him one of the best photography instructors out there - someone who can inspire as well as impart technical skills in equal parts. 

    Joe's Workshops at GPP2013 | Joe's Website

  • David Nightingale

    GPP 2013 Instructor - David Nightingale

    David Nightingale is a regular at GPP's annual events, and for very good reason; he continues to make WOW images out of nothing and help students at all levels make dramatic images both on camera and on the computer with his excellent Photoshop and processing skills. David will be leading a number of landscape and street photography workshops that will take students to amazing locations to photograph Dubai at her best and then spend some quality time with David on the computer to add the WOW factor to the images. 

    David's Workshops at GPP2013 | David's Website