What is GPP2013?
GPP2013 annual event is the region's biggest & only photography festival bringing the world's best photographers and instructors to Dubai to share their knowledge and experience with the Middle East and Africa's professional and amateur photography community. The dates for the event are 1st-8th March

More than just workshops!
Alongside the awesome workshops at GPP2013 will be lots of other special events and activities (many of which are completely free of charge). More will be announced closer to the event, but for now you can look forward to:

PhotoFriday: We’ll kick off the event with Photo Friday on March 1; a jam-packed day of seminars sessions from the visiting photographers. With 16, 90-minute sessions happening throughout the day, it’s a fantastic and affordable way to gain amazing insights and advice, and different perspectives from some of world’s bestphotographers – choosing your favourite four will be the hard part!


The Shoot Out: the closing ceremony of GPP2013 will be our, now legendary, Shoot Out on March 8. We’ll pit three of the visiting photographers against each other in a battle to make the best photograph of an undisclosed subject. Sounds too easy? They’ll have just 20 minutes to shoot and process their image live on stage, with commentary (and the obligatory heckling) from their fellow photogs. A must-see, free to attend event. Check out last year’s shoot out here.

Exhibitors: the world's leading photography brands will be exhibiting throughout the entire GPP2013 event in the public area of the Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre. GPP attendees can avail of exclusive, special discounts, have the opportunity to get up close and personal with latest photo gear, and benefit from other useful services including lens hire and free sensor cleaning.

 …plus many more special events to be announced! 

Where will the event take place?
GPP2013 will take place at The Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre.

How to register?
All GPP2013 workshops are priced individually, and you must book in advance to join your desired class. Click here to go to the workshops page to find out more about them and make the booking. Bookings will be possible on Sun 23rd Dec, 2012 at 11.59pm Dubai time.

Need to know more? 
If you have any questions on visa requirements, travel arrangements or need any other queries answered, please check out the Hotel/Travel Info page or drop us a line by email to

To get a taste of what it’s all about, check out last year’s schedule here. This year's event promises to be another unforgettable and inspiring week so book your leave and start finding creative ways to convince your partner and/or boss to get out to Dubai or take the week off for a fun and inspirational photography festival like no other!