One in a Billion

By Beno Saradzic

AED 394.00

If you require shipping out of UAE please contact us via email at and we will do our best to provide a shipping quote, where possible.

If you require shipping out of UAE please contact us via email at and we will do our best to provide a shipping quote, where possible.


The human sight wanders; it floats between the parallel planes of visual stimuli, the perception of senses and stored memories.  Our vision induces feelings, evokes memories and creates complex associations and reactions.  It's an infinitely complex process.  It can fool us too, for sometimes, it blinds us with emotions.

For me, photography is about capturing an ephemeral slice of time which I unwittingly inhabit among the stars and in between many points of Nothing.  My body of work is a combination of sparks of momentary inspiration, with an amalgamation of science, an unhinged creativity and the poetry of mathematics; when shapes align, I become a hyper-aware observer of that moment which lasts no longer than a snowflake on the palm of a hand.

I explore volumes, separated and intertwined by shadows and light and these, in turn, trigger my impulse.  They make me remember my favorite books, films, isolated events, glimpses of people, hopes, dreams and my darkest fears.

Like a bloodhound, I relentlessly trace the footprints of textures, the reflections and distortions, the faint movements and stillness, the mathematic puzzles and hidden buried secrets.  My art is my hunt.  My hunt is my art.  It's an inexplicable hunger that emanates from deep within.

It's hard to define the central focus of my work but it is not harder than finding beauty in the mundane.  My work reflects this quest.  Whether I'm photographing a glittering skyscraper or a decaying and abandoned house, a quiet forest in the morning or a thunderous waterfall, my work is about finding and hearing the inaudible echoes that lie muted beyond the spectrum of frozen light.  It's a never ending pursuit for general aesthetics amidst chaos.  It's a quest for narrative within the noise.  I seek visuals that evoke dialogue and spark the curiosity. My work is infused with personal joy of life and adolescent sense of reality.  I enjoy treating light as a tangible object with a painterly, hyper-stylized and dramatic quality.  My subjects are arranged with an architectonic order which respect the scale and proportions, yet always sparkling with a sense of ecstatic grandeur.

My visuals choose me; I only acknowledge then with my observation.  I try to understand with compassion and gratitude.  Beauty of light can never be truly understood.  As such, it deserves quiet admiration and respect.


All limited editions print purchased will be accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the photographer verifying the edition number and authenticity of the print. This fine art photographic print was made using the best quality materials available to insure long-lasting permanence of inks. The print has an estimated life-span of greater than 100 years (for further info see

The photograph was printed on EPSON Hot Press Bright, Acid-Free, 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper using pigment-based chromium inks. The print surface should not be touched. Professional mounting and framing will help to maximize the longevity of this print. It should be framed using acid-free materials and placed behind glass using a window-mount that prevents the glass from directly touching the print's surface. To further ensure maximum longevity avoid placing the print in bright, sunny rooms where there are high levels of UV radiation, or in humid environment which will also contribute to its deterioration. Ideally, artificial lighting in a dry environment is the preferred option. With proper care and handling, this fine art photographic print will provide pleasure for generations to come.