Get To Know: David Hobby

Updated on Thursday, February 2 2017

In the lead up to GPP Photo Week 2017, we’re taking a seat with our visiting instructors to ask them our burning questions and get the answers we’ve been dying to know.

Today we’re chatting with world-renowned founder and lighting mastermind David Hobby.


Gulf Photo Plus: What's in your bag?

David Hobby: Normally, a Fujifilm X100T camera, with extra cards and batteries. I travel light.


GPP: Besides your camera & lens, what's the one piece of equipment you couldn't live without?

DH: Unless this is some kind of trick question, my iPhone of course.


GPP: What is your all-time favorite photograph & why?

DH: I don't have an all-time favorite, as it would change all of the time. Whatever the most recent photo that really stopped me and made me think is my current favorite.


GPP: How do you stay updated with what's happening in the photography industry?

DH: That's something I put a low priority on. My focus is more along the lines of, what can I best accomplish with my camera?


GPP: Who would you most want to take your portrait?

DH: Can I say Scarlett Johansson? Like, she has to be in the same room with me to take my portrait, right? And honestly, the photo would not even have to turn out that well for me to be happy. In fact, how could it? I mean, a photo of me with googly eyes and slack-jawed—that's probably not a great portrait. But I am getting to hang out with ScarJo while it happens, so...


GPP: What are you most looking forward to at GPP Photo Week 2017?

DH: Besides Ravi's butter chicken? And Dubai in February (as opposed to snowy Baltimore, MD in the US?) Honestly, the great photo stuff at GPP is pure bonus round after those two things... (And all the cool people to hang out with, of course!)




David will be leading a series of food photography workshops at GPP Photo Week 2017: