Get To Know: Maggie Steber

Updated on Wednesday, January 11 2017

In the lead up to GPP Photo Week 2017, we’re taking a seat with our visiting instructors to ask them our burning questions and get the answers we’ve been dying to know.

Today we’re chatting with international documentary photographer and National Geographic Woman of Vision Maggie Steber. Having worked in more than 60 countries, Maggie is well-known for her humanistic stories of people and cultures. Her work has been included in the Library of Congress and featured in the New York Times, Smithsonian, New Yorker, and more.


Gulf Photo Plus: What's in your bag?

Maggie Steber: I usually carry one Leica rangefinder with a 28mm and a 35mm lens, and on occasion, a 50mm and a 21mm for the rangefinder depending on what I'm photographing. I also carry a Leica digital SLR with 2 lenses.


GPP: Besides your camera & lens, what's the one piece of equipment you couldn't live without?

MS: That's a tough question because mostly I rely on my camera equipment. Especially in regards to the M rangefinders, I feel like these are my partners in crime. Sometimes I'll bring 2 bodies and take them where they guide me. I have a nice relationship with these cameras.


GPP: What is your all-time favorite photograph & why?

MS: Really???? I cannot choose! Depends on the day, the mood I'm in, whether I want to laugh or cry, be moved or stunned, or inspired.


GPP: How do you stay updated with what's happening in the photography industry?

MS: I use Instagram quite a bit for seeing what colleagues are up to and discovering new talent. I also look at Facebook or receive email newsletters and reading links to photo publications.


GPP: Who would you most want to take your portrait?

MS: Sadly, he cannot, but it would be Richard Avedon.


GPP: What are you most looking forward to at GPP Photo Week 2017?

MS: I'm really looking forward to meeting the participants in my workshop and seeing what their work is like. I LOVE Dubai and have been able to visit at least 7 times with this trip. I'm also very excited to discover part of Dubai through their eyes and point of view, especially in how personal point of view affects how we see things. This is the most exciting workshop because it's about self-discovery and letting go of things that block us from seeing or re-seeing the world around us.




Maggie will be leading a 6-day masterclass during GPP Photo Week 2017: