Get To Know: Matt Armendariz

Updated on Tuesday, December 13 2016

In the lead up to GPP Photo Week 2017, we have been sitting down with our instructors to get answers to some of our biggest questions.

Today we’re chatting with California-based food photographer Matt Armendariz. Originally an art and creative director in the food world, Matt soon discovered that what truly excited him was photographing food. Now a highly sought-after commercial photographer, Matt explores the world through food for dozens of world-famous clients, from Coca Cola to Food Network.


Gulf Photo Plus: What's in your bag?

Matt Armendariz: It all depends on the shoot! If I'm flying to another studio on the other side of the US, I'm usually lugging around a Phase One camera and a massive 120mm lens. If I'm photographing a chef in a busy kitchen, then it's a Canon 5DS and a 24-70mm and not much else! But you'll always find me with extra iPhone battery chargers, that's for sure!


GPP: Besides your camera & lens, what's the one piece of equipment you couldn't live without?

MA: My Tetherlock from Altman Technologies. It's the niftiest gadget that keeps my cables securely attached to my cameras, and it's been a lifesaver!


GPP: What is your all-time favorite photograph & why?

MA: That would be impossible to say! I have no answer!


GPP: How do you stay updated with what's happening in the photography industry?

MA: I'm a voracious reader; in fact, my day usually begins at 4am so that I can have an hour or two to absorb the news, read the latest happenings, and see what's happening in the world of photography.


GPP: Who would you most want to take your portrait?

MA: Anyone with excellent retouching skills who could make me look like George Clooney.


GPP: What are you most looking forward to at GPP Photo Week 2017?

MA: I'm looking forward to so much! It's a whirlwind of mind-blowing activities, and I can't wait to learn and share and chat and visit with old and new friends and just be a big photo geek! I happen to be representing the food side of photography, and it's a subject that instantly unites us and gives us all something to talk about.




Matt will be leading a series of food photography workshops and seminars at GPP Photo Week 2017: