Do you have Artwork Documenting experience? We may have some work for you.

Updated on Tuesday, February 12 2013

To assist participating galleries with their need for documentation while in the UAE, Art Dubai is sharing a list of locally based photographers recommended by Gulf Photo Plus (GPP), a multi-platform organization that supports the UAE photography community. 

Art Dubai is the leading art fair in the region and their event sees galleries fromartdubai all over the world showcasingartwork from their artists - from paintings, installations, sculptures, photographs and more.

Galleries participating at the event sometimes require photography of their booth but also documentation of individual paintings, photographs and sculptures.

Art Dubai and Gulf Photo Plus are teaming up to help put together a list of photographers who are capable and experienced in photographing artwork. That list will be shared with participating galleries and they will contact photographers directly to arrange a commissioning of the photography of their booth and individual pieces. Booths range from 18-80 sqm and accordingly the number of exhibited works varies and will need to be confirmed between the photographer and the gallery.  

Please note that GPP & Art Dubai are merely facilitating this process and putting together a list of pre-selected photographers and will not be involved in the transaction or arrangement with the galleries - that is for the photographers to agree with galleries. 

GPP will review the submissions to ensure the photographers are capable of demonstrating the quality and experience to be able to successfully execute the gallerists' briefs.

The shoots will take place between March 17-23, 2013 and timings and contact details will be provided to those who put their details forward.

How can you get on this list?
Please send us a link to your website where we can see photos of artworks that you have taken and/or a set of images that demonstrate your ability to photograph artworks of various types - glass frames, sculptures, etc. 

Also, before you send us your details and sample images, please note the following:

- You need to be available and in Dubai during the period, i.e March 20-23
- You understand that this is not a guarantee that you will be shooting - your name will be included in a list of photographers that can provide these services and will be forwarded to galleries for further consideration.
- It is recommended your website include a section of Artwork photography so galleries can see your work.

Next Steps
Please email us at with the subject, Art Dubai Photography and don't forget to mention your contact details and very important, your images or link to your images that cleary demonstrate the ability to photograph artwork. 

The deadline to send these through is Feb 25, 2013