GPP Limited Launches!

Updated on Saturday, April 21 2012

GPP Launches a limited editions collection for sale in the gallery and online May 28th.

Though the contemporary art scene in the UAE may only be a few years old, it's growth and momentum is as astonishing as it is inviting.  Gallery openings and art fairs, performances and events offer enthusiasts an opportunity to take part, find inspiration, and be exposed to art work from all over the globe.  Finally you can bring the art you fall in love with home, and invest in something that inspires you!  In addition to our rotating exhibitions, GPP announces it's new initiative to exhibit a rotating collection of unique, high quality, limited edition photographic prints: GPP Limited

GPP's Limited editions programme offers photography enthusiasts high quality limited edition prints by talented photographers, both established and emerging.  Limited edition prints have never been more accesible with an affordable price range from 500 to 2500 AED, and exhibits both physically in our gallery space, as well as online.  

Every image has a story

Each photograph will have a corresponding artist statement to give you further insight into the work as well as a biography of the photographer, telling you more about who took the shot.  We hope to not only serve up brilliant images to start or add to your collection, but also to offer a platform for photographers to share their work and gain further exposure.  Connect, collect and grow!

Always something new

To keep things fresh, each quarter a new rotation with take precedence in our GPP Limited section, displayed in frames along the wall.  Previous photos will still be available online, and in our gallery display unit for browsing.

Lasting impressions

All of the prints sold through GPP Limited will be printed on acid-free, 100% cotton rag archival fine art paper, made to last for decades without flaw.  Each print will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity verifying the limited edition number and signed by the photographer responsible for the work.

The photographs chosen for GPP Limited have been curated by the GPP team,  sourced from the region as well as internationally in order to offer a wide selection of unique images, ones that speak to the individual rather than the crowd.  Invest in something different, something that will last, and something that speaks about you and what you love!  Stay tuned for more info, and see you on May 28th at 7pm for the official launch in GPP Alserkal Avenue!

Think you've got something people will love?  Click here to find out more about how to make a submission for GPP Limited.