Don't have a SLR camera yet? No problem!

Updated on Sunday, March 25 2012

From April onwards, we'll make it even easier for you to learn DSLR photography.canon600

Buying a DSLR camera is a big investment and we understand that you might want to know a bit more before you make the financial commitment. If you haven't bought your camera yet we're happy to announce that, from April, the lovely people at Canon will be providing Canon 600D cameras that may be borrowed by attendees of our Digital Photography - Level 1 and used during the workshop, all you would need to bring is your own SD Card.

As well as finding out all about the functionality of DSLR cameras and artistic composition and techniques, you'll also get some useful technical information during the workshop that will help you decide which camera is right for you and your budget.


If you want to learn more about DSLR photography before investing in your camera, contact us on 04-380-8545 or email to arrange a loan camera during your workshop.