Best of the Web March 2012

Updated on Thursday, March 22 2012

 365 photography projects are a great way to push yourself as a photographer to keep shooting, everyday.  If you have ever done one yourself, you know it can be challenging at time to capture something interesting, e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. but if you stick it through, the bonus is that these projects motivate you to really look at what surrounds you, and search for inspiration.  Recently listed their 25 top favs, and we have narrowed our own favorites down to 5.

For something with a local flavour, Michael Cruz who is Dubai based, took a swing at a 365 project with locations you will likely find familiar.  It looks as though the challenge got the best of him, his valiant effort took him through to day 291.  Check out his blog for more detail on how he captured each shot. 

Kenneth Edwards' images consistently tell an underlying narrative, not necessarily connected throughout the collection, but with in each image there seems to be a story to tell.

You can always approach it from a video perspective, when it comes to the presentation of your final product.  Check out Bryn's 365 project collected into a youtube video.

Torrie Brown has created a series of unique concepts within her work, worth a peek into her 365 project.  Though she is only a few months in, she has already shown a variety of interesting self-portraits, and conceptual imagery.

Marina Refu is as good a model as she is a photographer, which makes her 365 project stand out, check this one out for sure.  Though she may have missed a few days, the collection of 231 is quite strong.  She often accompanies her images with text, and like Edwards, her images have a sense of underlying narrative throughout which makes them intriguing.  A number of Refu's images were highlighted on Flickr's Explore.

Get involved! If these projects have inspired you to start a 365 project of your own, Photojojo breaks it down for you with details on how to get started. Find out more here.