Feb/Mar 2011 Events and Exhibitions Round-Up

Updated on Tuesday, February 22 2011


In the Blink of an Eye
JBR Walk
March 6th-April 3rd

We're excited to announce an open-air photography exhibition at the JBR Walk from March 6-April 3rd featuring work by visiting photographers and Tina Chang from The National.The exhibition will feature work from the Lebanon War by Farah Nosh, a series of images by Joey L entitled Holy Men as well as a compilation of images by Steve Simon from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver last year. Rounding off the exhibition will be a self portrait  series from Claire Rosen and finally, a series of fashion images by Tina Chang, a photographer with The National. Read more here.

The Spectacle of War
March 14 – April 30, 2011
The Empty Quarter, Gate Village, DIFC, Dubai

Empty Quarter presents the highlight of their spring show: “The Spectacle of War” presenting for the first time in the region a number of multi-published artists. The opening is on March 14 from 6-11 pm. Photographers include:

Benjamin Lowy : Iraq Perspectives
Richard Mosse :
Breach & The Fall
Spencer Murphy : Architects of War
Phil Nesmith : My Baghdad
Trevor Paglen : Limit-Telephotography & The Other Night Sky
US Department of Defense & the military industry

Their photography demonstrates the various perspectives of warfare, the different acts being played out, the range of technologies and the enduring aftermath of war. Don’t miss out on this engaging exhibition that reveals war photography from multiple perspectives. For more information, visit the Empty Quarter Website.

Hear Me Roar
The JamJar, Dubai
March 12th- April 30th

‘Hear Me Roar’ shares the works of seven artists, under 30, from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran: Saira Ansari, Nida Bangash, Ala Dehghan, Rabbya Naseer, Ayesha Sultana, Newsha Tavakolian and Hurmat ul-Ain.These energetic personalities display potent images of life in these nations- from their ordinary rituals to their aspirations. Their images depict novel perspectives on women, the expectations by society and how they behave. Vist the JamJar website here.


The Thought Incubator- by TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster
February 28th, 2011
Dubai Media City, CNN Building, Business Centre Boardroom
Topic: A Sleeping Giant called FILM

This month at The Thought Incubator, Nayla Al Khaja, talks about film in the Middle East. This interactive discussion aims to provide an insight into the potential of the UAE film industry and vast oppotunities that exist. With UAE attracting experts to create corporate videos, TV commercials and movies, we hear from the expert on how to save money, funding options, and the challenges in the film market. The event is free and requires you to register as it will be on a first come-first-served basis. If you want to understand the Film industry in UAE and the potential of it being a film hub, then this is one event that shoudn’t be missed. Register here.