gpp2010 to host photo shoot-out featuring David Hobby, Zack Arias and joey L

Updated on Saturday, February 20 2010

gpp2010 Shoot-Out | David HOBBY, Zack ARIAS, Joey L

A first ever photo shoot-out featuring Hobby, Arias and Joey L will be held at the Closing Night of gpp2010 on Saturday, Mar 6 at 6:00pm at the auditorium. It's free to attend a must-see.

We had the idea to host this and ran it by the photographers who were all up for it and are excited to be able to put it together.

How will it go down?

Each photographer will have 20mins to shoot their subject who will be a surprise model (it will be the same model for all three shooters). The photographers will be provided with one white seamless background but they will be free to choose any location within the auditorium. They will also have access to a variety of lighting options: small flashes, Profoto strobes or even ambient if they prefer. They will each have 10mins to make their edit and retouch if required.

It's free to attend and will start at 6:30pm and you don't need to register in advance. Following the shoot-out, a slideshow will be screened featuring work by the students of some of the workshops that will be held during the week.

Please do try and come and tell your friends. See you there, if not during the week.