Best of the Web - February 2010

Updated on Saturday, February 20 2010

First up is the Big Picture's round-up of the best images from the 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver. See it here.

Next is a shout-out for a new website, called the Photography Post which aims to offer “the most current discussions on the state of photography“, in addition to news, insightful interviews, and some unique photography related products. We like what we see so far. Have a look see here.

Don't miss RESTREPO - a full length feature documentary that chronicles the deployment of a platoon of US soldiers in the Korngal valley in Afghanistan. It was made by photographer Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger. Check it out here.

And, in case you havent seen it, you MUST check out SKY, a timelapse video made by Philip Bloom while he was in Dubai for a commercial shoot. See it here and you can check out the behind-the-scenes info here.

Last but not least is the fantastic series entitled Dinner for Five Photographers by Andrew Hetherington, author of the popular What's the Jackanory blog. The series consists a collection of videos from a dinner conversation that included five photographers, Peter Yang, Matt Salacuse, Chris Buck, Black and Andrew himself. The videos are funny, witty and yes, resourceful and informative and give you an interesting window into the lives of some of the best editorial and advertising photographers. See a trailer of the video here and hit the main site for links to all the videos.