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Rasmus Degnbol

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Rasmus Degnbol


Rasmus Degnbol is an award winning documentary photographer, author and filmmaker based in Copenhagen. He is currently focused on new-age storytelling and works primarily on long term projects dealing with human rights issues. New York Times, Economist, and Nat Geo and are among his international media clients. 


The project Europe’s New Borders is a reflection of Europe’s new reality, heavily influenced by the refugee crisis. A territory where the Schengen Treaty was implemented decades ago, abolishing internal border checks, is now more and more covered with fences, barbed wire, and armed militant border guards. The project offers a sense of scale in relation to the dehumanized border crisis unfolding in Europe over the last two years. To capture that scale Degnbol decided to use a technology developed by the military: the drone. He photographs these “new” European borders from bird’s eye view, drawing an alarming picture of the consequences they have and will have for Europeans and the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants who these days come to the borders of Europe. 


The exhibited photograph depicts over 100.000 life-vests and rubberboats that lie in a almost 10 meter high pile on the island of Lesbos, Greece. In 2015 Greece received well over 800.000 refugees and migrants. All primarily arriving with boat over the Aegean ocean.